Hi, I am Jan Jr.

I created this blog because of my endless daily scourings of the web. I’m creating a central place where all the things that might be of interest to me and others are neatly put into one endless stream of articles. I don’t just want this place to be about me, on the contrary – I’m putting it out there for others besides just Jan Adler Jr. to browse through as well.

Contributing memeber of the internet one might say. Chuckles.

Whether it’s me to you, a client to an audience, an intern to an mentor, a sponsor to a event, a speaker to audience … this is what I love about the internet. Everything that it makes possible; every (gazillion) doors it opens that were never there before.

So, let’s talk. Let’s get a cup of coffee, and talk about that huge idea or project or goal you’ve got lingering in the back of your mind. Let’s brainstorm over lunch and leave full of delicious new plans. Let’s Skype, call or email, whatever suits your schedule.

Sound good? Great. Talk soon!


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