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What’s New for Designers, April 2017

From new tools to code snippets to typefaces that will make your design life better, this month’s design newbies are a lot of fun to play around with. My favorites include a task management app that’s free, a new website builder that is incredibly easy to use, and a tool that can help you clean […]

Foundation Adopts CSS Grid, Launches Building Blocks

If you don’t write a lot of CSS yourself, you might think of CSS Grid as that thing Rachel Andrew keeps tweeting about. Well, it’s a whole new system for layout, and Zurb is apparently following her feed. So are most browser vendors. At the time of this writing, CSS Grid is supported in the […]

Stoli Vodka Redesigns Website With Pop Art Focus

It’s not all the time that a major brand of vodka redesigns its website to be extra artsy, but that’s precisely what Stoli Vodka has recently done. The famous Russian vodka’s site underwent a radical redesign that’s characterized by a dynamic homepage that sees fresh content every 24 hours. What also stands out to visitors […]

How to Move Your Design Workflow to the Cloud

In an era where using the cloud has become something of the norm, it’s worthwhile to look at how this technology and way of working can be implemented into your design workflow to help improve the way in which you and your team work. As a designer, there are a number of aspects which have […]

Dropbox Redesigns its UI for Better UX

Whenever you’re working with teams as a web designer, chances are that you’re using Google Drive, Evernote, or Dropbox for any collaborations like file and image sharing. Sharing services like these make it a cinch to work remotely with teams from anywhere on the planet. Dropbox understood the context around file sharing and the broader […]

How to Build a Custom Email with Foundation for Emails

Building email templates is down right hard. Building responsive emails is even harder. Luckily, the kind folks over at Zurb have developed a fantastic framework that makes the process of building responsive emails easier than it has ever been before. Foundation for Emails (formerly Ink) is a framework tailor fit for a modern designer/developer looking […]

7 Ways to Delight Users with Animation

“Delight” is a word that we’re hearing and using more often to describe pleasurable moments in our products. Delight is the magic that makes us fall in love with a product. It’s a core element to strive for when designing. When it comes to providing pleasure or delight in our websites and apps, animations contribute […]

How to Stress Test a WordPress Website

One thing they don’t tell you about starting a blog or business site is that someday your website is going to reach its limit. Hosting companies don’t have any interest in informing you about this, and the plugin and theme developers are simply trying to make more sales. So it’s tough to tell whether or […]